One, two, three Glide!

Time to ride!! This lesson will show your rider how to glide the bike underneath them while steering and lifting their feet off the ground. As a reminder some riders will pick this up naturally, regardless, it will help build their skills if each drill is practiced carefully.

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  • Session 1: Practice walking on the bike within an obstacle course (see PDF guide for a good format).

  • Session 2: Introduce your rider to pushing off with both feet and trying to get long glides.

  • Session 3: Have your rider show you how long they can glide. Have them do time–trials around an obstacle course.


  • Your rider can comfortably glide with both feet off the ground for 5-10 feet while steering.

  • Your rider can comfortably demonstrate counter–steering for balance and “falling with style.”

Walking on the bike: Have your rider sit on the bike with their feet flat on the ground, have them try to walk with the bike underneath them while staying on the seat. Remind them that if they tip to one side, they can turn the bars into the tip and it will help them recover from loosing their balance. Encourage them to go faster, up to a slow running speed, at this point they will have some gliding motion with both feet off the ground.

Pushing with both feet: Once your rider can “run” with the bike underneath them, have them try to push off with both feet at the same time. See if they can push off and keep their feet lifted for a second or two before putting their feet back down. Eventually see how long they can keep their feet up while gliding.

One, two, three, Glide!: Set up an obstacle course (see the PDF guide) and have your rider glide through the course. Encourage them to start by pushing with both feet at the same time three times before starting to glide (“1, 2, 3 Glide!”). Once they are moving they can continue “running” or pushing with both feet. Have them steer around obstacles and use their feet to come to a safe stop.