Learn 2 Ride Part 2

Part 2 builds on the gliding learned during part 1. We cover steering, balance and speed control, and begin introducing pedals. Some riders will pick up these skills very quickly, but others may need to practice this part for a few weeks. Our goal is to help your rider become confident in gliding and balancing.
To begin, please review each skill and download the PDF guide linked below.

Progression 1

  • Complete the safety check.

  • Practice stationary braking using the “squeeze, feet down” command. Practice this 10 times.

  • Set up an obstacle course with dedicated stop zones. Have your rider demonstrate they can stop from gliding while saying “squeeze, feet down.” Do 5+ laps.

  • Have your rider practice slowing down using their brakes within a slow zone in the obstacle course. Do 5+ laps.

  • Introduce slow figure–8s and zig zag turns within the obstacle course. Do each drill 5 times.

Progression 2

  • Complete the safety check.

  • Set up an obstacle course as outlined in the PDF. Have your rider practice each drill and do 5+ laps.

  • Challenge your rider by giving them the stop command randomly as they glide around the course. Do this 15 times (3+ times per lap).

  • Have your rider do 5 more laps, challenge them to focus with their eyes while they turn.

  • Introduce your rider to cornering and steering on a small slope, challenge them to try to control their speed and make their turns without using their feet.

Progression 3

Prior to moving to this progression, your rider should be able to confidently demonstrate the skills listed in Speed Control & Stopping. If they cannot confidently demonstrate these skills yet, continue practicing the previous lessons until they are.

  • Complete the safety check.

  • Install your rider’s pedals and practice gliding around the obstacle course. Do 5+ laps.

  • Teach them the “one, two, three, feet up” drill and encourage them to try to glide or pedal with their feet on the pedals. Do this 10 times.


✔️ Your rider can demonstrate controlled stopping when given a random command to do so.
✔️ Your rider can control their speed while gliding and slow down without stopping.
✔️ Your rider can demonstrate the ability to spot with their eyes on corners and steering. 
✔️ Your rider has started to lean into the corners and can turn without putting their feet down. 
✔️ Your rider has expressed clear interest in riding with pedals.