Learn 2 Ride Part 3

At this point your rider will be riding with their feet on their pedals, with minimal support. Part 3 is about building their pedaling coordination and continuing to build confidence with balance and control. Our goal in this part is to have your rider demonstrate that they can ride independently and safely.

Progression 1

  • Complete the safety check.

  • Practice “one, two, three, feet up!” with their pedals and see if they can balance with their feet on their pedals for a few seconds.

  • Progress to having them try to pedal a few revolutions before they put their feet down.

  • Challenge them to try to pedal on their own for 10-20 seconds.

Progression 2

  • Complete the safety check.

  • Continue practicing “one, two, three, feet up!” with their pedals. Have them ride in an open area and see if they can keep their balance longer than day 1.

  • Introduce braking using “squeeze, feet down.” See if they can do it on command while they are pedaling.

Progression 3

  • Complete the safety check.

  • Set up an obstacle course and have them pedal around objects. Be sure to include a stop and start area. Have them try to do time trials.

  • Review the Speed & Balance Control skills and incorporate into the obstacle course until your rider is confident with using their pedals.


✔️ Your rider can start, stop, and pedal around an obstacle course on their own.
✔️ Your rider demonstrates steering control and speed control with pedals.

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