Learn 2 Ride Part 4

Part 4 introduces intermediate and real world riding skills. We continue to reinforce speed and steering control through coasting and standing on the pedals. We also teach riding etiquette and safety as your rider will likely be riding in the real would.

Progression 1

  • Safety Check

  • Practice coasting in a controlled setting. Challenge your rider to coast for 3-5 seconds 10 times.

  • Practice stationary standing until your rider can comfortably balance while standing on their pedals without moving.

  • Introduce your rider to riding etiquette and practice using verbal signals while riding.

Progression 2

  • Safety Check

  • Practice coasting in an obstacle course. Do 5-10 laps.

  • Have your rider try to stand on their pedals while in motion. See if they can stand while riding through an obstacle course.

  • Go for a ride in a safe neighborhood and remind your rider of safe riding skills in the real world.

Progression 3

  • Safety Check

  • Go for a ride in a safe neighborhood and have your rider demonstrate all their skills along your ride.

  • Have your rider “correct” you if you demonstrate improper etiquette.

  • Introduce your rider to uneven surfaces.


✔️ Your rider can start, stop, and pedal around an obstacle course on their own.
✔️ Your rider demonstrates steering control and speed control with pedals.