Learn 2 Ride

Our Learn 2 Ride program is designed to help parents safely and enjoyably teach their child to learn to ride a bicycle. Developed around progressive learning, our step–by–step program teaches riding skills without the need for physical support systems such as training wheels or parent holding (no more sore backs!).

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What’s Included


Parent Videos + Guides

Each of the 10 lessons includes detailed instructional videos showing you how to teach your rider each skill and PDF downloads to guide the process during practice.

Progressive Skill Drills

All skills are broken down into progressive drills. This method of starting basic and building the skill will help your rider learn the necessary movements to ensure they can ride confidently and safely.

Rider Workbook

We’ve included a printable rider workbook for riders who like to see their progress and record their practice. This workbook helps motivate and guide your rider toward their goal of riding on two–wheels.

Forum + FAQ

Course access also includes a parent forum and FAQ to help answer any questions you may have. This is particularly helpful for riders who are anxious or may face some challenges in learning to ride.


Course Overview


Part 1

Safety and Balance

Part 1 introduces riders to cycling safety and basic bike handling. We cover the safety check, which should be completed prior to any practice or ride. We also cover how the bikes moves and our goal is to help your rider become comfortable with gliding on their bike while balancing.

Part 2

Gliding and Steering

Part 2 builds on the gliding learned during part 1. We cover steering, balance and speed control and begin introducing pedals. Some riders will pick up these progressions very quickly, but others may need to practice this part for an additional week. Our goal is to help your rider become confident in gliding and balancing within an obstacle course.

Part 3

Pedaling and Control

At this point your rider will be riding with their feet on their pedals, ideally without any physical support. Part 3 is about building their pedaling coordination and continuing to build confidence with balance and control. Our goal in this part is to have your rider demonstrate that they can ride independently and safely.

Part 4

Real World Riding

Part 4 introduces intermediate and real world riding skills. We continue to reinforce speed and steering control through coasting and standing on the pedals. We also teach riding etiquette and safety as your rider will likely be riding in the real world very soon!