Mountain Biking Lessons

Our goal is to make mountain biking fun, approachable, and safe for all ability and experience levels. We have developed a unique mountain bike curriculum based on the IMBA instructional model that teaches proper body-mechanics to increase confidence and safety. 

Cycling Education for All Abilities | Mountain Bike Lessons Utah | CycleAbility

MTB Level 1

Our fundamentals class covers the basics of mountain biking, but is by no means basic.

This course is recommended for both new and experienced riders alike. We cover the basic riding positions and body-mechanics in a controlled environment to build muscle memory and reduce risk. 

**It is not required, but we recommend all riders take this session before the other levels.**

Cycling Education for All Abilities | Mountain Bike Lessons Utah | CycleAbility

MTB Level 2
Turns and Berms

Level 2 of our MTB series is focused entirely on proper cornering techniques. From high-speed berms to tight and twisty switchbacks, this session will change the way you ride for the better. 

We will review fundamental skills then dive into various cornering techniques, first practicing in a controlled-environment, then on real trails. 

Cycling Education for All Abilities | Mountain Bike Lessons Utah | CycleAbility

MTB Level 3
Let's get Technical

It's time to get technical! This session is focused solely on technical skills beyond cornering.

After reviewing our fundamentals, we will practice riding over, under, and around obstacles. We cover wheel-lifts, skinnies, rock gardens, high-speed braking, rollers, and steps/small drops and more. 


All courses include 2 hours of in-depth coaching, next steps, and drills to practice at home. 
$120 each (group/package discounts available)



Using the button above, please request a date and time, then fill out the lesson intake form. We will be in touch with you directly within 1 business day with a confirmation and details, a lesson plan, and a link to our waiver.


During the scheduling process, we will work with you to determine an appropriate location and time for the lesson. 


Safety is our #1 priority. We require all participants to wear a properly fitted helmet that meet the national safety standards. We also suggest investing in additional protective equipment including cycling gloves, knee and/or elbow pads, and a pair of cycling shoes. We will gladly suggest some options and answer questions as needed. 

We also require participants (or parent/legal guardian) to sign a liability release waiver

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