CycleAbility Stories & Testamonials

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
—Mark Twain.

This is our Why. 


Well you made my life

"During my second year as a camp volunteer, I got to help a young girl who was super nervous to ride, so much so that her hands would cramp because she was holding the bars so tightly. She was very determined throughout the week and on Thursday she started riding on two wheels on her own. After realizing her accomplishment she said "I love riding bikes, it feels so good!" At the end of camp, I told her she made my week when she was so excited about riding and she responded by saying "well, you made my life."
-- Rachel, CycleAbility Director

"I Won."

In a recent High School Cycling League race, Elijah struggled around a very technical course 5.5 miles long with 516 feet of elevation gain.  Of the 140 riders competing in his classification, Elijah completed his lap dead last, 25 minutes 22 seconds behind the next slowest rider, but the crowds cheered as loudly for him as the had for the one that was first.  After the race, Sally overheard a conversation between him and another rider.  The other rider said, “Elijah, how did you do in the race”.  Elijah replied, “I won”.

"This is a miracle"

"I'm so proud to be a part this program. In such a simple act we are facilitating a huge road block for young kids with disabilities. We are giving a big part of childhood to them to ride a bike is not only fun, it's great exercise, develops independence and empowers them to be a strong individual. Today, after Camille completed her 20th lap, she looked up at me and said, "this a miracle" and smiled at me as I smiled back and told her she is such an amazing girl. What a cutie!"    --Mary, volunteer

“When we returned from Camp, I brought his 17 year old sister to the window and tears filled her eyes as Nate rode his bike up the driveway”.

    -- Sheralyn, parent 

My son Lucas absolutely loved his whole experience with bike camp.  He loved his volunteers that gave him all their attention.  We found that's exactly what Lucas needs to be successful in his bike riding.   The most important thing I think this bike camp did is taught him that bike riding can be fun.  It helped him with his confidence in other areas of his life and he learned he can succeed at hard things".  --Kristin, parent